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Gimme Shelter, 1944
Gimme Shelter, 1944

Confederate Raid
Confederate Raid Into Vermont, 1864

Terrorist Attack
Terrorist Attack, 1908

 1944...Gimme Shelter.
The Price of War

Soldiers of the 60th Infantry Regiment seek shelter behind a Sherman Tank as they enter a Belgian town. September 9, 1944 .

The M4 "Sherman" tank became the standard tank for US Army and Marine forces in 1943. Although usually outgunned by its German counterparts, the Sherman had the advantages of maneuverability and of appearing in large numbers on the battlefield. The Sherman was typically armed with a 75-mm cannon, two 30-cal. machineguns and one .50-cal machinegun. It had a road speed of 25 mph and a range of 100 miles.

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