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  Spotlight On:

"Terrorism" . . .

"Terrorism" refers to the use of military force against civilians in an attempt to coerce an enemy into submission. Its principal impact is psychological. Its objective is to reduce an enemy's will to fight by undermining the morale of its citizens. Here are some of history's notable attempts at terrorism:

The British Sack Washington DCThe British Burn Washington, 1814
"...they proceeded, without a moment's delay, to burn and destroy everything in the most distant degree connected with government." A British soldier describes the sack of Washington, DC.

The Tokyo Fire Raids, 1945
"Hell could be no hotter." In March 1945 The U.S. began an air campaign designed to obliterate the Japanese cities with fire. The first target was Tokyo and the results more devastating than the later atomic bomb attacks. Join an eyewitness on the ground.

  Photo of the Week:

Souvenir:“Finally, I got me a 'Souvenir', 1944.
A young American soldier captures a German soldier in northern France.

U-Boat Attack, 1917
Captured German footage of one of its submarines in action during World War I.

The Hindenburg Explodes, 1937
The great German airship bursts into flames as it attempts to land at Lakehurst, NJ.

The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor, 1941
Captured Japanese footage taken from their aircraft during the attack.

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  It Happened This Month:
Nathan HaleNathan Hale Executed, 1776
"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" In America's War for Independence, the British execute an American officer as a spy during the battle for New York City.

Lawrence of ArabiaLawrence of Arabia, 1918
"Take no prisoners!" The British hero of the campaign in the desert during World War I leads an attack on a Turkish column.

  Notable Quote:
"Character is much easier kept than recovered " Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

Iwo Jima, 1945
The first wave attacks the beach in one of WWII's costliest battles.

Theodore Roosevelt 1912
The "Bull Moose" candidate speaks during his unsuccessful campaign for President.

Charles Lindbergh, 1927
The "Lone Eagle" speaks after his historic flight

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