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An average of 800,000 visitors log on to our website each month to experience the past through a unique perspective - the view of historical events through the eyes of those who lived them. We are proud that our website has become recognized as one of the premier history sites on the Internet and has garnered numerous awards acknowledging its innovative approach to presenting history.

"Here's an amazing look at 'history through the eyes of those who lived it.' Instead of presenting a historian's account, this site gives you a chance to get inside the mind of someone who was there." Yahoo! Pick of the Week (06-11-2001)

Our website's content encourages "linger time" and once logged on, the average visitor takes time to explore the content, visiting an average of 3 articles during each visit. Sixty-two percent report that they spend between 5 and 30 minutes at our website.

Our visitors return often - 41% state that they have bookmarked our website and 34% return at least once a month with the majority returning at least once a week.

This provides the advertiser the ability to deliver his message to a reliable and consistent audience.

Even someone who is not a history buff can be enthusiastic about our website:

“History had never been my strong subject. This website has been a real eye-opener, it brings history to life better than most movies I've seen.
Thank You for helping me learn my history, and for enjoying the learning."

K.L., Delaware

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