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A partial listing of the honors received by

  • Yahoo! Pick of the Week
  • USA Today Outstanding Website
  • Best of History Website
  • Family Tree Magazine Site of the Day
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Showcased in Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine April 2002
  • Innovative Teaching Award
  • Web Feet Seal of Approval
  • The Homeschool Mom A++ Featured Site
  • Big Chalk's Best of the Web
  • Teacher Tool of the Week
  • Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day
We are honored by and greatly appreciative of these awards. However, 0ur most cherished accolades come from our visitors - such as this comment:

"This is one of the best websites I have ever encountered. I was supposed to go to sleep 2 hours ago but I can't stop reading! (THANX, my wife is gonna kill me!!!) I will try to stop reading but I just discovered a whole new section!!! I am sending this site to my son, he is a history nut too... I'll get to watch him stay up all night too!!!"

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